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Demand Side Energy
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Energy Manager Services

May we point out that there is no energy meter capable of measuring the energy you don’t consume?  Developing an energy forecast based on a “business as usual” prediction is essential to revealing energy performance opportunities and cost avoidance.

Our energy manager services provide everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Whether you are getting started or looking for an independent review of your energy project performance, Demand Side Energy can provide the analytical tools to plan, identity, develop and verify your investment. 

Our project experience in energy efficiency, control system commissioning and project technical and financial performance will augment any project.  Project measurement and verification is not only a certification we carry, it’s built into every service we provide.

With no downstream products or design services to sell to you, we apply our 22 years of expertise to assisting you, whether you project approach is in-house; spec and bid; Energy Performance Contract or any combination therein.



Energy Manager Services

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