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Demand Side Energy
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Quality System Services for Energy Management  

Continuous improvement, like continuous commissioning requires a quality system or process to add confidence to the long term benefits of managing what you measure.  From the very beginning of our energy field services work it was apparent that the pillars of quality; plan, do, check and act neatly tied into efforts to reduce energy and water consumption.

From the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA-Q) initiative, the aspects of quality systems, management system and energy management were ties to all service offerings.   

In association with BC Hydro and EASA International, Demand Side Energy launched the world’s first EASA Q seminars directed to the motor and transformer industry to document and maintain the energy efficiency throughout the apparatus repair process.  From this approach an energy quality system for electric motors (Motor Management Initiative) was designed and delivered by in the Pacific Northwest. 

From these industry specific efforts, Demand Side Energy has broadened service offerings to users of ISO 9002; ISO14000 and ISO 51000 energy management standards, because it can be measured it will be managed.



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