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Alex Fleming P.Eng, CVMP -President

Alex Fleming established Demand Side Energy in 1990 and has developed the firm’s wealth of industrial, large commercial and institutional energy efficiency experience, including developing successful industrial DSM programmes for gas and electric utilities.  Working directly with medium and large-sized industrial facilities such as Alcan Aluminium, West Coast Energy, Tech Corporation, Maple Leaf Foods, Petro Canada and others, Alex  has provided clients with site-specific energy savings impact, program support and recognition from industry associations, utilities, government agencies and climate change authorities.  


Mr. Fleming’s experience in delivering site-level energy efficiency assessments ranges from scoping assessments to investment-grade reports which present clients with site-specific solutions for energy conservation and process efficiency.  As a certified measurement and verification provider (CMVP) to industry, Mr. Fleming has, in addition to his own projects, provided third-party engineering reviews to more than 250 industrial efficiency projects.  Whether identifying an opportunity or reviewing a project for design intent and operational impacts, Alex brings to an industrial plant, design team, or utility company, a high level of energy efficiency and conservation expertise. 

Ian Lohrenz, P.Eng – Energy Engineer


Ian has worked in the Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry for over six years, and has expertise in energy modeling and mechanical system design. Ian is a graduate of the University of Manitoba in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He has completed a number of specialized training courses in energy modelling (Trane Trace 700 computer design simulation course in LaCrosse, WI) and ground source system design (Canadian GeoExchange Coalition Design Course and GTI Commercial Geothermal System Design).

Andrew Fleming, M.A. - Energy Policy Analyst


In his present capacity as Energy Policy Analyst, Andrew is involved in all our commissioning and sustainability projects ranging in scope from small stand-alone office buildings to large government facilities. 

Andrew is knowledgeable in residential, commercial and institutional building energy systems and performance, and is experienced in modelling building energy end-use components, HVAC systems and operations, and envelope characteristics using various programs.

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